Dr. Victoria Boyd


She has been called the ‘Nonprofit Guru‘. It might be her engaging, relevant and easy to comprehend approach. Or perhaps the practical solutions and concepts she offers that are beneficial to both the business and nonprofit sectors. Whatever the case, Dr. Boyd’s goal is to help organizations thrive as a result of using industry best practices.

Dr. Boyd has three non-fiction books where she follows her passion of being an educational resource. Written from experience and teaching perspective they all contain insight on her experience, success and failures, and practical tips on achieving a goal. Her books include:
  • The Wealthy Teacher: Answering the Question, ‘What’s Next?
  • Wow ‘Em: Webinar Secrets from The Wealthy Teacher
  • Board Bound Leadership: The Four Essentials
Dr. Boyd’s training experience and expertise is evident in the numerous exemplary evaluations she consistently receives. As a trainer or speaker she is dynamic, engaging and always provides valuable takeaways for the audience or participants. Topics can be specifically designed for your needs or from a wide range areas such as,
  • Board Bound Leadership
  • Marketing for Nonprofits
  • Fundraising Success
  • Being a ‘Philantrepreneur’
  • What is YOUR WHY?
  • Marketing for Nonprofits
  • Transforming Purpose into Profits