Working With Dr. Boyd

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Once an educator, always an educator.


Educators have a selfless sense of giving to help others reach their full potential. I too have that passion and wear several hats as author, speaker and trainer. In all of these areas the content is grounded in being an educational resource, a teacher and provider of knowledge.


Let me help you launch rocket

Do you considering launching a nonprofit? What are your goals? Do you have a plan? Are you thinking ‘BIG’ enough? These are just some of the questions we will explore together. I teach you the process in a collaborative learning relationship. Let’s discover together what it means to create new realities. Let me help you uncover and embrace opportunities that are focused on your values and passion.

Nonprofit Trainer/Speaker

Need your group to get fired-up! Or do you need a presentation on what it means to serve? Dr. Boyd can create a speech or presentation to meet your needs.

Specialty Areas Examples

  • Nonprofit Board of Directors Development – Board Bound Leadership
  • Cause Marketing
  • What it means to ‘Be a Philantrepreneur’

Exciting projects I’ve had the pleasure to help.

 Contact me today to explore how I can be of service.